10 Reasons – and Remedies – For Your Bad Breath

Up to 80 million people have chronic bad breath, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Besides the negative impact it can have on your popularity, it can be a sign of physical health conditions and diseases. Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci at C R Dental Group offer the following possible reasons, and subsequent remedies, to determine the cause for your bad breath and help you restore your oral health.

  1. You need better brushing habits – Use a soft bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. There is no need to brush aggressively, and don’t forget to include the cheek and gums.
  2. Something you ate or drank – A mint or piece of gum can help temporarily, but try other foods that produce saliva such as lemons or crisp fruits and vegetables until you are able to brush again. Drinking water helps too!
  3. You eat a lot of sweets – If you must eat something sweet opt for plain chocolate. It has less sugar than many other candies and dissolves more quickly in the mouth.
  4. You’re on a low-carb diet – Try drinking extra water to flush ketones out of your body. If you use mints or gum, make sure they are sugar-free.
  5. You’re a mouth breather while sleeping – It’s important to determine the cause, such as snoring or sleep apnea. Talk to your dentist about a possible appliance to help alleviate the symptoms.
  6. You take medications – Check your drugs side-effects for dry mouth. Your doctor may be able to switch to a medication that doesn’t reduce saliva.
  7. You have allergies – You can use a specially designed tongue scraper and rinse with a mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide during cold and allergy season to combat dry mouth and post-nasal drip medications.
  8. You use nicotine products – The solution? You already know!
  9. You drink alcohol – Choose sugar-free gum or mints until you can brush your teeth. It’s also wise to drink plenty of water, which will keep you hydrated and helps prevent hangovers!
  10. You have a medical condition – If you can rule out the above culprits to bad breath, or you notice it’s chronic, seek medical attention.

Be In the Know

Everyone will be a victim of bad breath from time to time. If you realize you have it on an on-going basis, it is important to find out the cause. Most reasons are going to be harmless and temporary, however, long-term chronic bad breath can be an indicator of something serious. Maintain regular dental visits and always inform your dentist of any changes to diet or health history. Taking control of your oral health will help ensure better overall health in the long run.