Having a white and bright smile is highly sought-after these days, with many people looking to achieve their perfect smile with braces, Invisalign, and teeth whitening. However, the one thing that sets having braces and Invisalign apart from teeth whitening is that they are a one-and-done experience. To keep teeth nice and bring, it takes routine brushing and teeth care. But, to speed up the process, you can get your teeth professionally whitened at CR Dental Group in Dallas, Texas. After one quick appointment with our team, you can walk around with a blindingly white smile.


But, before you come in for your appointment, let our team fill you in on the whitening process and some fun facts about professional whitening.

Sensitivity is Normal After Professional Whitening

The professional whitening process is a low-risk procedure that can improve the look of your smile. But, it doesn’t come without some sensitivity. Luckily, with our team of professionals at CR Dental Group on the job, you won’t have sensitivity for long. We can also help out by giving you treatment to minimize it until it subsides on its own. It’s good to consider that the best way to avoid intense sensitivity is to get the procedure done professionally. The store-bought whitening products tend to have a longer-lasting sensitivity effect. 

Your Caps and Veneers Cannot Get Whitened

If you are looking to brighten your complete smile, whitening is the way to go, But it’s critical to remember that any caps or veneers you have will not whiten with the procedure. These substitutes for teeth do not soak up the whitening components the way teeth do, as they do not have pores. But rest assured that these substitutes also do not stain. You likely will find that the teeth you can whiten will match perfectly with your caps and veneers. Also, you can have peace of mind that whitening does not damage the dental work you have done.


Results Vary


Everyone has a unique smile, meaning that results will vary from person to person. The types of stains and how deep they run in your teeth will affect how the treatment works for you. The treatment pulls stains from the pores of the teeth and, in turn, makes the tooth bright and white. Some of the things that cause stains are coffee, dark-colored foods, wine, and smoking. The more you partake in these activities and consume these foods and beverages, the more the tooth’s pores will absorb and hold onto the stain.


Professional Whitening is Safe and Effective

If there’s one whitening method that is the safest and most effective, it’s going to a professional and getting dental whitening done. There are tons of options out there, from whitening strips to trays, but many of them require upkeep. With professional whitening, you go in for one session and are good to go after. Professional whitening also whitens your teeth safely, not wearing down the enamel the way other methods do. But, to learn more about procedure safety, feel free to speak with our dental professionals. 


Not Everyone Can Undergo Whitening

Before your procedure, we always make sure to sit down with you more and talk about your goals. We want to be on the same page as you. During this time, you can ask any questions you might have, express any concerns, and find out if the procedure is safe for you. During this time, our team will also go over your dental history and make sure whitening is something you can safely undergo. Your safety is our top priority!


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Having a white and bright smile is something many people look to get. But, it’s not easy to accomplish without the help of a professional dentist. Despite all of the products out there, you want to go with a whitening method that is both safe and efficient.


To learn more about teeth whitening and our many other procedures at CR Dental Group https://crdentalgroup.com,  visit our website. Or, if you want to schedule your whitening appointment, give our team a call today at (972) 566-4990. Our team is looking forward to helping you feel confident in your smile!