Researchers are beginning to really understand the importance of our oral health and how it effects our overall health. At C R Dental Group, located in Dallas, Texas, our dentists and hygienists offer a higher standard of care. Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci are steadfast about patient care. Their primary goal is to help their patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health. They know by doing this they are also aiding in overall health.

What Your Mouth Reveals About Your Health

Your mouth can show early signs of systemic disease. According to the Academy of General Dentistry “more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms.” That makes regular dental visits vital to your overall health. While diligent home care is necessary, brushing and flossing alone will not completely rid your mouth of the more than 500 species of bacteria that thrive in your mouth. Professional dental cleanings are required to remove dental plaque that forms. Left untreated, gum infection known as gingivitis, can start. If that develops into periodontitis, then bacteria can enter the bloodstream leading to infectious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth and some cancers.

Why Your Dental Office Plays An Important Role In Your Overall Health

The case for good oral hygiene keeps getting stronger. Maintaining regular dental visits allows your dentist and hygienist to continually evaluate your oral health. Resolve to practice good oral hygiene every day. By keeping your teeth and gums in good condition you are making an investment in your overall health, and your dental office is your strongest ally in helping you achieve that goal.