Charcoal Toothpaste May Wear Down Enamel

“Trending” – a word we see very often in our virtual world of social media. It’s okay to read up on the latest of “what’s hot” but it’s important to be discerning about what you read. So, What’s Hot Right Now? Natural and organic products are appearing all over our store shelves in all different product forms. One such product is charcoal toothpaste, and a group of dental students at Creighton University School of Dentistry ( decided to do a research project on the efficacy of charcoal toothpaste. They concluded that charcoal toothpaste may do more harm than good.

When Research Reveals Something Different

“You might use it to get rid of some surface stains on the teeth from something like coffee,” said John Howell, one of the researchers on the team. “Initially, it might help. But, as our experiments have demonstrated, there’ll be a cost.”

The researchers say the cost is pronounced wear of tooth enamel under the harsh scrubbing of the gritty charcoal. Under lab conditions simulating extended use of charcoal toothpaste by brushing for six minutes each day, the students observed significant loss of enamel and watched as the toothpaste made its way into the dentin of the teeth used in the experiment, leaving them with a gray to a yellow shade.


Consider Other Options

Dr.’s James Reisman and Jordana Contrucci warn that enamel does not grow back and the continuous use of charcoal toothpaste can cause the very discoloration that people are hoping to ward off. There are other tooth-whitening options that are safer and can be more effective. At C R Dental Group located in Dallas, Texas, we offer prescription strength white strips, custom bleach trays, as well as, in office ZOOM whitening. Remember to do some investigating before jumping into something that is trendy. A pair of designer jeans may set you back a few dollars, but they can be discarded when they go out of style. Permanent damage to your oral health can’t be reversed, and a beautiful smile never goes out of style!