Restorative dentistry is the practice of repairing and restoring dental health by caring for teeth and gums. Some of the primary goals of restoration include improving oral health, restoring function to damaged areas of the mouth, and improving the cosmetic appearance of teeth.

General and cosmetic dentists can perform restorative procedures such as:

  • Cavities
  • Replacing broken and damaged teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Improving gum and soft tissue health

Restoration dentistry gives you the best chances for long-lasting oral health. Restorative dentistry in Dallas TX can help restore your smile to its former brilliance and give you a renewed ability to speak, eat, and chew properly.

Types of Dental Restoration

Depending on your unique oral situation, you may be in need of some of the following procedures.


As bacteria slowly eat away at tooth enamel, it causes a hole called a cavity. These cavities can be repaired using a composite material that fills the hole and protects the soft tissues of the tooth inside. Your dentist will remove any decay and debris from tooth surfaces and then fill in the hole with a sturdy material that halts tooth decay and prevents further damage.


A crown may be needed to repair weakened or broken teeth. A crown fits over your entire tooth; preparation of your natural tooth may be necessary before fitting a crown that will stay in place. Crown placement may be done in one longer session or broken into smaller appointments for your comfort and convenience.

Inlays and Outlays

Another option for filling in decayed teeth is with the use of inlays and outlays. These are custom-created “puzzle pieces” that bond permanently to teeth, filling in gaps and preventing decay from taking hold of a tooth. 

Root Canals

If a cavity has pervaded the innermost parts of a tooth and its soft tissues, it will be necessary to remove all traces of infection to preserve your dental health. A root canal involves removing the diseased pulp, including tiny nerves and blood vessels present inside a tooth. Filling and sealing the opened area will prevent additional bacteria from permeating the tooth and causing further damage. Most people who undergo root canal therapies will likely need a crown at some point to strengthen tooth structures and provide additional strength to that area of the mouth.


Dental implants are small, threaded posts that replace missing tooth roots. An implant does not require the alteration of natural teeth; with the addition of a crown atop an implant, the device functions just like a normal tooth would.

Dentures and partials

Dentures and partials are larger pieces of removable hardware meant to replace missing or compromised teeth. They rest on top of your timeline, and your jawbone supports them as you speak, eat, and drink. Removing these appliances and cleaning them thoroughly will be a key part of ensuring that your mouth stays healthy and free from infection.

Let’s Restore That Beautiful Smile!

CR Dental Group and its talented professionals are committed to providing the best restorative treatment solutions that help renew your confidence and your smile. A number of comprehensive treatments including porcelain crowns, dental prosthetics, implants, and full mouth reconstruction give you the function you need and the look you want as you sport a new, healthy smile. Don’t wait any longer to reclaim the function and form that you deserve as you restore your dental health. Contact CR Dental Group today to set your appointment.