Good Oral Hygiene May Improve Recovery After a Heart Attack 

Most of us now know the correlation between oral health and heart disease, but research reveals that good oral hygiene may also aid in recovery after acute cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and aortic dissection. Sandrine Delbosc, PhD of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) authored a recent study that found that the bacteria that causes gum disease also impairs the healing of blood vessels. Despite improved treatment, cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death worldwide.

Oral Health and Heart Disease: Bacteria Impairs Arterial Healing Process

The researchers hypothesized that periodontal bacteria enter the bloodstream through bleeding gums. The bacteria then adhere to atherosclerotic lesions, which contain bacterial “food” such as protein, and impede healing of the lesions.

“Our study shows that the bacteria that cause gum disease impair the healing and repair of arteries. This impaired healing may be due to an enzyme produced by the bacteria that stops the body’s immune cells from repairing the arteries,” said Delbosc.

“Periodontitis can be prevented with flossing and brushing. Our study suggests that good oral health could significantly improve the outcome of patients who have an acute cardiovascular event,” said Delbosc.


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