Well summer is here, and with that comes many great seasonal fruits and vegetables that are not only great for your body but are also beneficial for your oral health. Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci understand that with the kids out of school for the season, there is more time at the pool, the park and hanging around the house, and that usually calls for snacks!

Fun Ways to Savor Your Favorite Fruits and Veggies

This summer take advantage of the seasonal harvest and get creative. Since natural sugar is different from refined sugars, it’s much healthier on both your teeth and your overall well-being. The high water content and fiber makes them a healthy alternative to boxed and packaged snack options in the grocery isle. Following are some inventive ideas on ways to prepare snacks that are good for you and fun for the kids.

  • Kabobs – Use skewers or toothpicks and slide on your favorite fruits. Or mix it up with cubed veggies and cheeses for a fun way to get more vegetables in your diet.
  • Frozen fruit bars – Puree fresh berries and pour into popsicle molds or old fashioned ice trays with popsicle sticks and freeze for a refreshing cold treat on a hot day that is better for you than packaged pops that are loaded with sugar.
  • Fruit salad – Let your kids pick their favorite fruits, then add a scoop of yogurt and top with nuts or seeds for some extra calcium and protein.
  • Fruit pizza – Add honey, almond flour and oats to mashed bananas for a healthy crust, spread a thin layer of low-sugar cream cheese, then top with a colorful assortment of fresh cut fruits. Find the full recipe here – https://www.layersofhappiness.com/
  • Add sundried tomatoes to your hummus for a summer vibe and dip with carrots, celery, cucumbers and bell peppers. The crunchy veggies can actually clean your teeth and get rid of plaque!

Enjoy Them While They Last

At C R Dental Group located in Dallas, Texas, we remind you that it’s important to brush twice a day and floss once a day. You can enjoy all summer has to offer with these fun and unique snacks that you and your kids are sure to enjoy. Your teeth will reap the benefits of extra hydration from fruits, scrubbing action from vegetables with hummus, calcium from yogurt and protein from nuts and seeds. Enjoy them while they last, because summer will be gone before you know it.