Although there has been some recent debate as to the necessity of flossing your teeth, any dentist or hygienist will tell you: IT’S IMPORTANT! After a combined 50 years in the business Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci have seen first hand the benefit of regular flossing by their patients. According to the American Dental Association, below are instructions on the proper technique to floss your teeth.

We know we should floss once a day, but not everyone knows the correct way to do it. Use this step-by-step guide to find out how to properly floss your teeth:

Break off about 18 inches of floss and wind most of it around one of your middle fingers. Wind the remaining floss around the same finger of the opposite hand. This finger will take up the floss as it becomes dirty.
  Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers.
  Guide the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion. Never snap the floss into the gums.
  When the floss reaches the gum line, curve it into a C shape against one tooth. Gently slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth.
  Hold the floss tightly against the tooth. Gently rub the side of the tooth, moving the floss away from the gum with up and down motions. Repeat this method on the rest of your teeth. Don’t forget the back side of your last tooth.

Once you’re finished, throw the floss away. A used piece of floss won’t be as effective and could leave bacteria behind in your mouth.

Benefits of Proper Flossing Habits

Flossing daily, along with brushing twice a day is necessary to achieve and maintain good oral health. At C R Dental Group, located in Dallas, Texas, our dentists and hygienists stress the value of healthy dental routines and regular dental checkups. Your dentist is a valuable source of information and will help you choose the oral care products that will be most effective for you. Be sure and look for products that contain the ADA Seal of Acceptance so you know they have been evaluated for safety and effectiveness.