Invisalign is one of the most wanted products in orthodontics since its inception 20 years ago. That doesn’t mean the quality of the work will be the same with every dentist. After all, it’s just a tool that the dentist uses to provide patients with a straighter smile. Application is just as important, if not more, than the tool itself.

Finding the right dentist in North Dallas doesn’t have to be hard. There are a few key details to look in to before deciding where to have your dental work done.


Finding a Dentist With Experience

The device doesn’t work by itself. It’s all about how your dentist uses it. They need experience with dentistry and experience with Invisalign itself. The dentist will have to shape it to apply pressure to your specific needs. The invisible retainer isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’ll need to be precisely calibrated to fit your needs.

The dentist will take pictures and x-rays and upload them to his computer. Here, he’ll examine the images to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done with the retainer. He will decide which teeth need to be moved where and determine exactly how much pressure each portion of the retainer will have. It’s no easy task, and you shouldn’t trust just anyone to perform the process just based on the brand of the retainer.

A good dentist knows much more about teeth than simply filling cavities and working a drill. They have to know exactly how fast they can move teeth without damaging them. This takes a long education and a great understanding of all his tools.


The American Dental Association

Many insurance plans require you to see a dentist that is registered with the American Dental Association, or ADA. This is because insurance companies trust these dentists to provide great work and reduce the chance of further work in the future. Always make sure your dentist is registered with the ADA before having work done.

The American Dental Association strives to help dentists succeed, find new advancements in the field, and provide dentists with evidence-based insights that allow them to provide quality care. Don’t settle for less when it comes to dentistry; only have work done with ADA registered offices.



North Dallas has plenty of dentists to choose from; however, none are as respected in the community more than CR Dental Group. We are registered with the ADA, and we are a part of the Texas Dental Association. We also have a long list of satisfied patients that will vouch for our professionalism. It’s a great place to have pain-free dentist work performed and many other dental procedures. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatment, and other specialized treatment that intends to provide patients with brighter smiles.