Brushing Just Your Teeth is Not Enough

When it comes to flossing and brushing your teeth everyday, don’t stop there! To aid in your overall oral hygiene, it’s necessary that you include brushing your tongue as well. This practice keeps additional bacteria in your mouth from forming that can hinder your oral hygiene efforts.

Brushing Tongue An Important Part Of Proper Oral Hygiene.

Fox News (4/3, Crain) carries an article first published on that discusses the importance of not only brushing teeth and flossing, but also brushing the tongue. The article states that when people do not brush their tongues, a “coating of bacteria, food particles, and dead skin cells called a biofilm” can form on it, which contributes to bad breath. People are encouraged to use the correct approach when brushing their tongues by starting at the back and gently brushing toward the front. provides information on tongue scrapers and bad breath

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