Did you know that when you smile people actually see you as more attractive, sincere and reliable? Smiling is also a mood lifter, a natural anti-depressant. And by smiling at others, they instinctively mimic you, creating a symbiotic relationship that releases the “feel good” chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine.

Smiling Makes You A Happier Person | Healthy & Fit Magazine

In one study (Fritz, 1988 comic review) a group of participants were asked to hold a pencil in their lips. A second group of participants were asked to hold the pencil in their teeth–with their lips not touching, thereby engaging their smile muscles. This second group, the unknowing “smilers”, ranked the comics they were viewing significantly funnier than the straight-lipped group.

That’s well and good….but wait there’s more!  Smiles are also contagious—they make other people inadvertently smile and feel happier, which in turn influences a more positive response toward you. By the way, frowning also triggers others to unconsciously frown, and in turn feel crummy.


Smiling Can Lift A Bad Mood | Kids Health

Scientists have found that smiling on purpose can help people feel better. Just the simple act of putting a smile on your face can lead you to feel actual happiness, joy, or amusement.

Smiling on purpose changes brain chemistry. It’s not natural to smile when we’re sad or upset. But it turns out that smiling might be the best thing to do when you’re ready to shift into a brighter mood.

See more at: https://kidshealth.org/ChildrensHospitalPittsburgh/en/teens/smiling


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