The Anatomy Of A Tooth

Our teeth are the hardest substances in our body and they play a very important role in our daily lives. They aid in speech and chewing and help to form our facial features. By knowing more about them, we can better understand the importance of taking care of them. According to, parts of the tooth include:

Enamel: The outermost layer of your tooth is made up of enamel. The visible part of your tooth that the enamel covers is called the crown of the tooth and is the tooth’s first defense against decay and bacteria. It is translucent, shiny, and protects your teeth from decay and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Dentin: Making up the majority of the tooth, dentin rests underneath your enamel and cementum and maintains a bone-like consistency much like cementum. It protects the inner chamber of the tooth, which contains the pulp, and can be extremely sensitive to both bacteria and temperatures if the enamel is not there to cover it. This is why people who have compromised tooth enamel due to decay or teeth grinding tend to have more cavities and sensitive teeth.

Cementum: This is a hard tissue covering your tooth roots, or the part of the tooth that rests below the gumline. This material is typically a pale yellowish color. Although not as sturdy as enamel, it does have a bone-like consistency. When cementum becomes exposed due to gum recession, it can be extremely sensitive to hot and cold, making tooth sensitivity a symptom of receding gum tissue.

Pulp: Containing the only soft tissue of the tooth, the pulp is basically the heart of the tooth. Everything the tooth needs to live is in the pulp, including its blood supply and nerves. The pulp resides in two places: the pulp chamber, which is in the crown of the tooth, and the pulp canals, which extend down into the roots of the tooth. The tooth’s pulp is an extremely sensitive area that is susceptible to infection if it becomes damaged, which can lead to the death of the tooth. If this happens, a root canal may be needed to save the tooth, or an extraction may be required.

At C R Dental GroupDr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci stress the worth of good oral hygiene and the importance of protecting your teeth from damage. By better understanding your teeth, and the value of keeping them healthy, the better chance they will be taken care of. It’s key to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, floss each day, and maintain regular dental checkups to make sure you are taking the best care of your smile.