Sleep Apnea & Snoring Specialists in North Dallas, Texas

If you or your sleeping partner snores, you probably feel groggy, grumpy, and forgetful throughout the day. What if you could find a solution to your snoring or sleep apnea at the dentist?

CR Dental Group offers sleep apnea and snoring relief with a comfortable and convenient oral appliance. Imagine sleeping through the night, night after night! You’ll have increased energy, productivity, and you may enjoy a more positive outlook on life.

Man snoring while his wife is covering ears with the pillow

Contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Jordana Contrucci Ruiz and Dr. James Reisman, because you deserve relief! Our Medical City Dallas office serves patients in Richardson, Addison, and the greater DFW Metroplex with restorative dental care and cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about sleep apnea.

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