A loose tooth as a kid is an exciting time! It means you can expect a visit from the tooth fairy taking away your tooth and replacing it with a dollar bill while you blissfully sleep with it tucked underneath your pillow. 

However, sensing a loose tooth as an adult is enough to take away anyone’s good night’s sleep. It is worrisome because permanent teeth are supposed to be permanent and last you a lifetime – or at least until you’re an old, worn-out great grandparent of four. 

So what can be some causes of experiencing loose teeth as an adult, and is there a way to prevent it from happening? Let’s find out. 

Causes of Loose Permanent Teeth 

Believe it or not, loose permanent teeth are quite common amongst adults. The good news is that an experienced adult dentist can save the loose tooth in most cases. However, the healing process takes good measure and time before everything goes back to as it was before. Here are some common causes of loose permanent teeth in adults: 

Trauma or Injury 

One of the most probable reasons why your adult tooth can start to feel loose in your mouth is due to trauma or injury. Dental trauma or injury to your jaw can easily lead to a tooth or two feelings loose on the gums. Although some injuries can heal on their own, it is still important to see an experienced adult dentist right away. For instance, sports injuries require specialized care and treatment. So only a dentist can tell how to go about healing it. 

Precursor of Stress 

Many people might not consider it true, but loose permanent teeth can easily be a precursor of stress. So if you are someone who easily takes on stress, gets nervous, or feels anxious all the time, chances are you unknowingly grind your teeth – a condition called bruxism. In severe cases, it can develop loose teeth from their gums and become weak over time. You may even grind your teeth in your sleep, and only an expert adult dentist can help you. 

Gum Disease 

If your tooth has come off loose and seemingly there is no reason that you can pinpoint, the chances are that you are suffering from a severe gum disease called periodontitis. Gum disease is basically a bacterial infection that eats away at your gums over time. The soft tissue filaments of your gums surrounding the teeth rescind, and your permanent teeth start feeling loose. However, other symptoms present themselves earlier than the loose teeth. So keep an eye out, and regular dental checkups should help you avoid the worst-case scenario. 

Pregnancy or Menopause 

A women’s body goes through many external and internal changes during pregnancy and menopause. Many of these changes can be attributed to the endorphins and hormones that women’s bodies release. Therefore, fluctuating levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone can cause the bones and ligaments of the jaw to loosen. Even though these changes are temporary, the risk of your permanent teeth coming loose is high if not taken care of. 

Underlying Conditions & Medications 

The reason why your parents have been after you to finish your glass of milk is that milk is a great source of calcium, and calcium makes your bones strong. Therefore, underlying diseases that can cause calcium deficiency can lead to the loosening of your teeth. Similarly, high doses of medication that make it hard for your bones to absorb calcium also result in the same dental problem where your permanent teeth can become loose. 

Prevention & Safeguarding Your Teeth 

Just because you can’t do much after a permanent tooth has become loose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to prevent a permanent tooth from becoming loose. Here are some tips that should help you avoid loose teeth as an adult: 

  • Maintain a high standard of oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day. 
  • Flossing once every other day is a great habit to maintain dental health. 
  • Smoking is injurious to overall health and can do much harm to your teeth. 
  • Schedule regular appointments with an experienced adult dentist. 
  • Consult a cosmetic dentistry expert to get yourself an adequate mouth guard for sports. 
  • Ask your Dallas dentist for a bite splint for nighttime. 
  • Take your daily vitamins and minerals for optimum dental health. 

Loose permanent teeth can be an alarming situation for anybody. However, the earlier an issue is detected, the higher are chances of saving your teeth. Hence, schedule a dentist appointment with a reputable adult dentist like CR Dental Group right away.  

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