Beverage Bedlam

When it comes to making healthy decisions for our bodies, including our oral health, we typically think of the foods we eat. But, what about the drinks we consume? Although the enamel on our teeth is the hardest substance in the body, it is also very porous. That makes our teeth vulnerable to the things we eat and drink. Without proper home care and regular dental visits, we run the risk of erosion of the enamel. When this happens, teeth become sensitive and begin to decay. Following is a list of the most dangerous culprits when it comes to the beverages we drink:

  • Alcohol – Not only is it corrosive, but red wine can also stain teeth. If you drink alcohol, it is a good practice to sip with water and limit your consumption as much as possible. It is also a risk factor for oral cancer!
  • Soda – Whether diet or not, it is not a safe refreshment. Regular sodas have a high sugar content, while diet drinks, with artificial sweeteners, tend to be very acidic. Seltzer water is a better alternative and it has less calories!
  • Fruit juice – Often mistaken as a healthier choice, juices, especially those made from citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and even cranberries, can result in enamel damage. These should be consumed in moderation and followed by water.
  • Energy and Sports drinks – Not only do these often contain caffeine and dyes, which tend to be acidic on teeth, but also include sugar, making them not too different from soda. Choose coconut water instead, or make your own with water, a pinch of sea salt and some fresh fruit.

Re-Think Your Drink!

When it comes to your tooth enamel, water remains your safest choice. Dr. Reisman and Dr. Contrucci of C R Dental Group encourage their patients to practice proper home care with regular brushing and flossing and to visit the dentist at least twice a year. Be conscientious of your eating and drinking habits. Always discuss with your dentist any concerns or noticeable changes in your mouth or teeth, so that they can provide the best treatment and advice to keep your mouth in optimum health.