Despite the myths, tooth-colored fillings do not mask the natural color of your teeth. Instead, they merely provide a different hue to your restoration and make it easier for the restorative materials to last longer in your mouth. Find out what you should know about tooth-colored fillings below.

1. Should I Get Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent option for those who want a more natural look and feel because they are more practical and less intrusive than veneers. This treatment is also much easier to keep clean, which is helpful if you are not particularly fond of brushing or flossing. Often, you can change the color at any time and the restoration will still look beautiful and feel comfortable in your mouth.

2. How Important Is It to Have the Same Color of Your Tooth and the Filling?

It’s essential to look at your tooth-colored fillings as an enhancement to the natural color of your teeth rather than trying to match it exactly. Tooth-colored fillings can range from light beige and off-white shades to light shades of brown and darkish hues of gray. Studies show that bone-colored restorations blend well with the patient’s teeth and give a more natural appearance.

3. What Other Methods Are There?

If you prefer a different color for your dental restoration, you can choose a shade that matches your hair or eye color. It can give your smile a unique look by comparing it to the natural colors of your face. If you don’t like the appearance of tooth-colored fillings, you can choose from other colors, such as pink or light blue. However, these colors are not as realistic as a tooth-colored filling and look more like a decal.

4. Will I Still Have to Take Care of My Dental Restoration?

It is still essential to practice good oral hygiene habits such as flossing, brushing, and regular trips to your dentist. This will ensure that your dental restoration remains in good condition and that the color of your tooth-colored filling will stay beautiful. You should also maintain your dental restoration by going to the best dentists in Dallas to have it regularly cleaned. At CR Dental Group, our experts will ensure that your dental restoration is in good health and will last a long time.

5. How Long Will It Take to Get My Tooth-Colored Fillings?

It usually takes two appointments to restore your tooth-colored filling and the cavity. The best dentists in Dallas will first explain the procedure and you’ll have time to ask any questions you might have during your consultation. Then, your dentist will perform the actual procedure at a second appointment, which can take about 15 minutes. 

6. Is This Procedure Painful?

The filling procedure is quick and easy, so most people do not find it particularly painful. In some cases, you may experience mild discomfort when the dentist begins to work and apply the materials, but this is often due to an anesthetic injection. Most people can return to work or continue with tasks immediately after getting their tooth-colored fillings. 

Tooth-colored fillings in Dallas are becoming more popular and are a convenient way to enhance the natural appearance of your teeth. You should carefully consider all the pros and cons before choosing this type of restorative treatment in Dallas. Contact CR Dental Group today to schedule a consultation with our trained personnel.