Why Mouthguards Are Important to Wear While Playing Sports

It’s Fall, school is back in session, and athletics are back in full swing. If your child is participating in sports you may want to consider having them wear a mouthguard. They are an important source of protection for any activity that involves personal contact, falls or flying equipment. Aside from the stock guards that are pre-made and sometimes provided by the school, there are a couple of different options when it comes to choosing a mouthpiece for safety.

Which Mouthguard is the Right Choice?

Boil and Bite – A version can be purchased, relatively inexpensively, at sporting goods stores. They come in a pre-formed shape, that are boiled then fitted while warm, making them more comfortable than the stock form. It’s very important to follow directions carefully to avoid mouth burns and ill-fitting guards. These can sometimes feel bulky and are less durable, therefore they need to be replaced as they wear out to ensure continued safety for your child.

Custom-fit – These are custom made by your dentist and will be more expensive. This type is usually preferred by athletes as it will provide the most comfortable fit and offer the best protection. With proper care, they will last much longer than stock or over-the-counter mouthguards. Some research shows that they may actually be able to prevent concussions by absorbing the blow, preventing the jaw or skull from being injured.

Investing in Your Child’s Safety

As noted by www.yourdentalhealthresource.com, “When you consider that a custom-fit mouthguard is your best chance to protect your child’s teeth from injury, it makes sense to make the investment. Often, these mouthguards are more affordable than people think and when you consider dental work or an emergency room visit if your child’s mouth is injured, they seem very affordable indeed!” At C R Dental Group, Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci remind parents that protective gear like shoulder pads and shin guards shouldn’t be the only consideration for your child’s safety. You can protect your child’s smile safely and comfortably during sports, making the season fun for everyone.