5 Surprising Things That Help You Live Longer

It is probably human nature to think we are going to naturally live a long life and die peacefully in our sleep. As we mature, we understand this will not likely be the case. According to nextavenue.org, there have been recent research studies that show that longevity can be traced to five common traits. Of course, not all of these are under our control, but there are things we can do, or changes we can make, to help us live healthier, happier and possibly, longer lives.

  1. Staying social – Maintaining close ties to friends and relatives is important for those who want to live a long life. Theories as to why include that people with strong social ties may be more active, be more likely to seek medical care and have lower stress. So join that regular poker  game, organize a girl’s night out or call that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.
  2. FLOSSING YOUR TEETH (emphasis ours) – Did you know that flossing your teeth actually keeps your arteries young? The bacteria that cause periodontal disease can also trigger inflammation that causes your arteries to swell, which constricts blood flow and can lead to heart disease and stroke. Other studies have shown that periodontal disease leads to a higher white blood cell count, which can indicate that your immune system is under increased stress, making it harder to fight off infection. Daily flossing adds an average of 6.3 years to a person’s lifespan!
  3. Having a Fall birthday – OK, this you can’t do anything about, but it’s good news for those who were Fall babies! Researchers hypothesize that seasonal vitamin deficiency during the critical periods of fetus and infant development may affect a child’s later health and longevity. Also, people born during the fall months were less likely to experience an early exposure to infectious diseases, which were more common during summer, early winter and spring months.
  4. Living near green spaces – Living around nature, particularly green spaces, was linked to a nearly 12 percent reduction in mortality rates. Factors commonly associated with green spaces such as less air pollution, increased physical and social engagement and a reduced risk of impaired mental health contribute to the overall increase in longevity. 
  5. Cleaning your house – Dusting those shelves, mopping the floors, and vacuuming, it turns out, can all help you live longer. People whose daily activities kept them active reduced their risk of a heart attack or stroke by 27 percent and the risk of dying from any cause by 30 percent, compared to people who spent the least amount of time on their feet. If cleaning’s not your thing, try gardening, washing the car or playing with your grandchildren. Staying active is the key.

Every Little Bit Helps

At C R Dental Group, Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci believe it’s not just the years of your life, but the life in your years that count. Because they offer a higher standard of care, they believe relationships with their patients are important. By offering each patient education regarding their oral health, as well as exceptional treatment, they believe by achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth, it will contribute to better overall well-being.