Dental X-rays and Radiation Exposure: Exposing the Myths

At C R Dental Group in Dallas, Tx, Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci know that some patients have concerns regarding the safety of x-ray radiation exposure. The amount of emission from dental x-rays are one of the lowest doses and are regulated and monitored by the state. Dental x-rays are a necessary tool to help your dentist identify problems such as cavities, tooth decay and impacted teeth and are just as important to your oral health as teeth cleanings.

How They Compare

A routine dental exam that includes 4 bitewings is about 2-3 mrem (millirem). For comparison, the following are some typical sources of radiation we come in contact with on a regular basis:

  • Living in a brick home – 10 mrem/yr
  • Reading a book – 1 mrem/yr
  • Cross country flight – 5 mrem/flight
  • Cooking with natural gas – 10 mrem/yr

A Dental Necessity With Safety In Mind

Typically x-rays are taken yearly, but may be taken more often if tracking the progress of a dental problem or treatment. At C R Dental Group digital x-rays are utilized, which have 90% less radiation exposure than old-fashioned film x-rays. Proper shielding is also used, which makes the potential risk even lower. This offers our patients more peace of mind, as well as, a more comfortable method of taking them. It’s important to visit your dentist at least twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. You can also rest assured that when x-rays are taken, the importance of their necessity far outweigh the risk.