Five Foods That Can Actually Improve Oral Hygiene

It’s not news to us that foods that are high in sugar are bad for our teeth. But, did you know there are foods that can literally improve the health of our teeth? At C R Dental Group, located in Dallas, Texas, Dr. James Reisman and Dr. Jordana Contrucci remind patients that eating a chocolate bar now and then won’t make or break your good oral hygiene, but regularly choosing the foods listed below can significantly enhance the health of your teeth.

Teeth Friendly Food Options

Cheese – Eating cheese produces saliva, which in turn restores minerals lost as a result of eating other foods. It’s full of vitamins, calcium, protein and  fat that are needed to keep bones, and teeth, strong.

Yogurt – This too is high in protein and calcium. Referred to as “good bacteria”, probiotics are found in yogurt, and are also beneficial for your gums. It can fight bad breath and help prevent tooth decay by maintaining the strength of the tooth enamel.

Apples – Because they are high in water and fiber, they also help create saliva, removing left over food particles and harmful bacteria alike. The texture also stimulates the gums, which is also helpful if you are unable to brush your teeth right away after eating.

Leafy Greens – Most of these are rich in folic acid and calcium, perfect for maintaining strong teeth. They  are also plentiful in vitamins and minerals which is essential for a tooth-friendly diet.

Almonds – In reality, all nuts are great for your teeth. But almonds, in particular, are great for maintaining good oral hygiene. They are not only a great source of calcium, but also high in protein and low in sugar.


Food For Thought

Another way to consider this is, typically, if something is considered to be unhealthy for your body, it is probably not good for your oral health either.  It’s important to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day, as well as maintain regular dental checkups. Helping patients make smart choices when it comes to overall health is a priority at C R Dental Group because they know the value of taking care of your smile.